A Tree Called Max by Aaron Kilercioglu

  • Ciaran Walsh
  • Aaron Kilercioglu

Publicity package for a first sharing of Aaron Kilercioglu's new play 'A Tree Called Max' at King's Head Theatre. Inspired by the visuals of cyanotypes of leaves, it felt important in this project to keep a distance from the normal colour scheme of a play with the word 'tree' in the title. By connecting the elements of nature in the play closely with a colour scheme that felt more cerebral and emotional, we shifted the focus back to the human aspect at the centre of the work. Title typefaces went through several iterations and eventually landed with this subtle but intriguing blend of different sans serif fonts. For the director and writer, it suited well the nature of the performance - a reading rather than a full production - and yet in its malleable focus for the eyes conveyed the attention to small changes, a focus ultimately on the text-based aspects of the piece. Performed 9th August 2021, King's Head Theatre.

In a small garden in western Turkey, Berker and Elif meet for the first time. Elif just buried their dad and Berker missed it.

The two couldn’t be more different: Elif, like the trees she so diligently cares for, is rooted, serious, pensive. Berker is flighty - the kind of guy that makes a joke out of everything. Her English isn’t great. He doesn’t speak Turkish. Meaning is made in the gap between translation.

Against the backdrop of 2016’s major political events in Turkey and Britain, the pair work to save the family restaurant, stand up for what they believe in, and make sense of their history. Cracks begin to show as the past comes to haunt the present.

A Tree Called Max is a rehearsed reading of a play about the search for a home, and the things we inherit. It is an urgently political story about immigration, diaspora, and hope in the face of major political events.

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