Agos 19 BTS

  • Elvira Brandt
  • Efe I

I was very fortunate to have assisted The Masons earlier this year and to have worked with Elvira (MUA) and Efe (stylist). Assisting The Masons allowed me to learn first hand how their fashion photographs are constructed. They showed me their process starting with the looks, the location, the poses and the treatment that they have for the images. The photographic duo dominantly shoots in Black & White whilst utilising direct sunlight in their projects. Coming from a film background, it was valuable for me to see their approach to Black & White through a digital medium. Witnessing their process enabled me to further understand how to successfully create a monochrome image. Using direct sunlight for this shoot was also a technique that I also gained insight from during this shoot as I know it's an aspect of lighting that I am not familiar with. Understanding why they use direct sunlight and their ability to manipulate it with their surroundings inspired me to try this approach for future shoots. The Masons, being a photographic duo also gave me insight on the importance of working as a team. With every look they go through their images and ensure that certain poses or angles are not repeated. This ensures that they are efficient with their time and are creating a variety of images. Donna-Marie was the art director during the shoot and in between looks she also captured video for their social media & their records. Maruska was the primary photographer and with every photograph she was always very conscious of her composition and light and the shapes that the model creates with her body. It was such a pleasure working with them and I have learnt so much from Assisting in this shoot.