AiF FilmArt 2022

  • Janet Marrett

AiF FilmArt 2022 is a British Council backed international collaboration between Mediathirsty and Accra Indie Filmfest, which will give 30 screenwriters the opportunity to collaborate with young filmmaking teams in Ghana. At the end of the UK program, two shortlisted screenplays will be produced in Ghana. These films will be premiered as part of Accra Indie Filmfest 2022 to a live audience (the films will also be submitted to other international film festivals). The idea is to foster cultural and experiential exchanges as well as challenge traditional stereotypes and tropes associated with the presentation of Africa or Africans on screen. Applications open on Mon 24th Jan 2022 and close on Fri 18th Feb 2022. Applications can be submitted via Selected screenwriters will be notified on Mon 28th Feb 2022.


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