Amphora e Tappi

  • Erica Agogliati
  • Francesca Avian
Flatwig Studio revisits amphora, the typical container used in antiquity to preserve and transport wine. For The Surreal Table, Amphora loses its materiality and becomes transparent, revealing the preciousness of the contained wine.
Amphora with its three frosted handles, was designed by Flatwig Studio and produced by Stefano Villa at Soffiera Villa in Trezzo Sull'Adda, Italy. It is a hybrid and ambiguous borosilicate object in between an amphora and a decanter, which is combined with four different stoppers, produced by London-based makers. The stoppers accompany the ritual of drinking: a terracotta stopper realized by The Ceramist accompany the opening of the bottle, a copper stopper realized by Callum Partridge accompany the act of pouring the wine, and a glass stopper accompany the moment of decanting and the beginning of the social occasion. These represent symbolic and figurative devices which reaffirm he relationship in between function and ritual. The project is part of the collective exhibition ‘The Surreal Table’, which looks at the contemporary dining table as an experimental field of sensorial experience, and was curated by Davide Fabio Colaci inside the headquarters of Santa Margherita Wines group in Milan on occasion of Milan Design Week 2018.


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    Davide Fabio Colaci Architetto

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      Santa Margherita Wines