• Christiane Lange
  • Alex Janero
  • Foivos Papadopoulos

Inspired by George Dureau’s work, this photo series contrasts a man – ANDRO – with a woman – GYNE – and shows that the play between the two transcends normative marks of gender. At first glance, the woman may look androgyne, but in the interplay with the masculine, she emerges as entirely female. A woman’s gender and sexuality do not originate in the breasts. Breast amputation strikes horror and hushed tones among medical professionals and ordinary people alike. It is generally assumed that the loss of her breasts will fatally injure a woman’s femininity and psychological wellbeing. Reflections on the assumptions around mastectomy surgery and the pressure to conform bodily to social norms led to ANDRO/GYNE. Femininity can survive scars, and psychological strength resides in our connection with one another. The series is available for exhibitions and for magazine photo essays. Project email: