Anxious As Anything for IWD 2021

  • Rebecca Duncan
  • shoptruepills Pharmacy

This #internationalwomensday I had the honour of working with @anxiousasanything to create “A Brief History of Anxiety” Though #anxietyawareness has been at an all time high recently, it is, of course, not a new phenomenon! People have been anxious since the dawn of time, but our understanding of anxiety has come such a long way since then. 1950: Anxiety is associated with Psychoneurotic disorders 1980: Anxiety and social phobia are officially recognised by the American Psychiatric Association as a disorder 1990: Many of the more sinister mental health institutions are closed down, and anxiety becomes more normalised in society. Researching this project has shown me just how much we have the capacity to change, and the good things that have happened. There is a long old way to go, but there’s a lot of hope!