Apple inspiration Session: How I got here

  • Joanna Henly

How did Miss Led grow from being a Myspace handle – a devise initially used to publish work online in secret – to a multi disciplinary art studio working with the biggest brands on the planet? Advised repeatedly to stick to just one style to have any hope for a successful career in illustration, to not compete in any live tournaments for sake of failure and embarrassment… It was great to go back in time and present a rich profile of diverse projects and artwork created against the odds when Apple asks me to talk a little about my ‘journey’ last week.

For the inspiration session I touched on some of the seriously important things that contributed to the continuing success of Miss Led – Tenacity was number one, and how staying playful with ideas and being open to new opportunities went hand-in-hand.
Being vulnerable was also an important theme. Sharing how competing in live tournaments (against the odds and winning – twice) and creating art (including that of mistakes) in front of thousands of people has helped me gain a deeper understanding about my tools, how I engage my different audiences and keep my ideas light and agile.
Open to risk, trying many different approaches, stepping into very different territories and weld diverse materials has helped build a portfolio I’m very proud of.
From purely illustration work to now including experiential activations, virtual reality art, live installation work, video production, creative direction, consultation and more. These combined have helped shape the name Miss Led into a buzzing multi disciplinary Art Studio.

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