April Fool's with Matt King

I wrote and directed this unused campaign for Ted Baker's 2018 April Fool's Day prank.
The concept was to be a spoof of smart devices such as Amazon Echo. The campaign consisted of a short video to live on social, plus Instagram Stories, editorial content, punchline reveal and a phony product page on tedbaker.com.
We recruited the voice acting talents of cult comic actor Matt King (Peep Show, Bronson, RocknRolla) to deliver the odd syntax of an artificially intelligent Ted Baker and lo and behold, TED-E, the sassy robot stylist, was born.
Draw on the wit and wisdom of the quintessential British gent, serving as immortal manservant, confidant and advisor on all matters, from the sartorial to the mundane.
Get instant validation on your outfit, check if it’s still raining, order a fresh pair of pants, or settle recurring office debates for good, all thanks to Ted’s superior Wi-Fi-enabled intellect.
‘Organic’ intelligence is so old-fashioned. Upgrade your life with TED-E and #NeverThinkAgain

Team Credits

Luke Butler

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  • Creative Copywriter

Tor Ronald

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