Are you a squidgy bit Soreen?

  • Adam Pretty
  • Bianca Beneduci Assad

We have created 3 x 30 second cinema commercials for Soreen, the original malt loaf company owned by Samworth Brothers.

In the 3 commercials, we see mum, kids, young and old adult characters being interviewed about the part that Soreen plays in their everyday lives.
Morgan Powell, director, said
“It was a breath of fresh air to work with Brian (Turner) from Red Brick Road, who parked himself in the studio so we could collaborate on ideas for the scripts. This played a big part in the development of the humour that is prevalent throughout the campaign.”
For the characters themselves, we pitched the idea of puppeteered miniature Soreen loaves that would be further characterized by adding faces and limbs drawn over the top of the footage. Soreen’s product range became the variation in shape of the characters, alongside the actors’ voice performances. Soreen were keen on having branding in each shot, so we chose Soreen coloured environments that were furnished using minimal props to establish each scene. We employed the services of puppeteers (with Muppets, Avenue Q and War Horse credits to their names) for a two day shoot, with a further 5 weeks of post-production to complete the commercials.