Aries - Series

  • Shumaiya Khan

Speaks of sisterhood, motherhood, friendship and unmentioned bonds. We may associate Aries with the masculine and therefore war. The courage it takes to be soft, caring, encouraging and loving - traditional gender roles would call it ‘feminine’ traits, is another side of ‘war’ we downplay all too often. The women who push us, give us their fire, attention, deep-rooted love, nurturing and understanding are our real heroes. - A3 giclee prints, original acrylic on paper pieces and canvases under 60cm width or height will be available to buy via - All the women Who held my hand Shoulders leant on Slept on Bodies I’ve fallen on One who birthed me Wiped tears Smiles made Irrigate laughter All who encourage me You who made me Those who know me Pushed and raised me Made me question Deeper meaning Go in fighting Come out winning Carefree nurturing Tell me of my kindness My greatness Love me, unconditionally For you, I internalise because of you.