• Olivia Wheldon
  • Jana Reininger
  • Alice Björkstrand

At 22, I launched an online store selling crystals, traceably sourced, direct from the foothills of the Himalayas to the roaring jungles of the Maharashtra and the shamanic caves of Brazil. 4 years later, @whitewitchco_ has been featured across Condé Nast publications, Evening Standard and Glamour, as well as in the hands of influencers such as Lauren Mahon and Amelia Windsor. With a pocket full of grit and zero financial backing, I secured a position in the top 3% of stores that opened during the same time as mine did. These are a few stills from a 10-person shoot I directed, comprising of models, art directors, creatives, florists, set designers, makeup artists, stylists, photographers and post production. It was the best day ever and so rewarding to see my baby, my business, reflected back at me in glorious technicolour. We have remained true to our founding ethos - ethical, traceable, beautiful. Due to the inability to operate at scale (yet), I took the decision to close doors and channel my experience into advertising strategy, so hit me up if you require bright ideas. I'm full of them.