AVADO Learning: Data mindsets: The future of organisations

  • Caroline Roseberry Koktvedgaard

As a digital content creator for AVADO Learning, I research and write about a variety of topics, including data science, digital learning, diversity and leadership. I create a wide range of digital content, including thought pieces, blog posts, newsletters, and white papers. This article was written in collaboration with Mark O'Donoghue, the former CEO of AVADO Learning. With newly founded and agile "tech-first" companies using data to transform so many industries, there is a critical need for other, established organisations to up-skill. The need for data transformation in many businesses is evident. The challenge however, isn't in the skills themselves, but in creating a culture that embraces change. This blog post for AVADO Learning explores how to do just that. You can read the full blog post here: https://blog.avadolearning.com/data-mindsets-the-future-of-organisations