BACARDÍ Triangle

  • Vicky Beercock

The idea was big, bold, brave, disruptive and pushed creative boundaries whilst also capturing the untameable spirit of the BACARDÍ family and our history. BACARDÍ Triangle was born. It was a fully integrated campaign; a 3 day event that saw 1862 fans, guests, celebrities and competition winners fly into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle on 3 private airliners from London, LA and New York for one of the biggest parties and experiences of their life all of which culminated in performances by Calvin Harris, Kendrick Lamar and Ellie Goulding on a deserted island 6 miles out to sea, off the coast of Puerto Rico. RESULTS: Reach: in excess of 6.7 billion people (OTS & impressions), - 4.63 billion were generated through PR and earned media - Our global media partners including Vice, Noisey and Shazam, helped us reach a further 215 million people - VH1, MTV, Palladia and DirecTV broadcast our 1 hour show and 3 x 30 minutes artist specials into 200+ homes globally and free of charge - we also reached 1 billion+ through social and digital including the activation of our artist networks and their 79 million fans.