• Liz Chege
  • Georgia MacLeod

A truly handmade film, "Bait" (directed by Mark Jenkin and produced by Early Day Films) tracks the arguments that generate a tragedy, as Martin Ward, a fisherman without a boat, clashes with almost everyone in his Cornish fishing village. Conflicts grow as he tries to honour his family legacy, in a village sold to tourists. In hand-developed 16mm images in shimmering black and white, Bait tells a narratively unconventional story of structural change in a picturesque fishing village in Cornwall: tensions reach breaking point when the locals are pushed out by tourists. “The view may be beautiful, but you can’t eat it.” #BaitFilm World Premiere - 69th Berlinale Film Festival (9th February 2019) North American Premiere - 48th edition of MoMA and Lincoln Centre's New Directors/New Films Festival

I focused on creating a film festival strategy around reviews and early reactions on social media. I targeted Cornish/South West communities as well as lovers of the medium of film. As the film gets selected for more festivals, and is selected for distribution, this strategy will evolve.
★★★★ "Mark Jenkin’s film about two fishermen coping with the influx of sightseers is intriguing for its distinct visual style...he has contributed one of the most arrestingly strange movies in Berlin this year." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
"Bait is less an argument than homage, both to the presumably dwindling traditions of the Cornish coast and to the unexhausted expressions of older but no less compelling ways of telling stories in the cinema." - Daniel Kasman, MUBI