Bald Pieces, HUNGER Issue 21, 2021

With Baldpieces, conceptual artists Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne envisage an alternate reality. One where men proudly embrace balding by wearing magnificent headpieces designed to accentuate different balding patterns. To bring the idea to life, Kelly and Polkinghorne collaborated with eight incredible designers from around the world. Each used different materials and processes which ensured no two Baldpieces is the same. The duo then sought out Rankin. Speaking about the idea, Rankin said “It just touched a nerve. It’s so confronting yet so unashamedly masculine. I wanted to help the project see the light of day – and help smash a taboo.” Kelly and Polkinghorne took great care to ensure the project was respectful to men, saying “On some level, we thought of these as crowns – crowns to adorn balding crowns.” They’re also eager to see how the public responds, adding “So far, everyone we’ve talked to about the idea can relate in some way, shape or form. Balding men, girlfriend’s of balding men, even sons of balding men sporting full heads of hair.” And as to whether or not they think Baldpieces will catch on in the real world? “We’ll have to wait and see. And keep an eye out at fashion shows.”

Photographer Rankin
Beauty Editor Marco Antonio
Hair Editor Nick Irwin
Creative Concept Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne
Talent Drew, Kevin, Kezie, Mark. Jan, Lester, Malcolm and Charlie