Ballerine, scent diffuser

  • Aleksandra Zeromska

Aesop x ECAL, 2018 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Aesop in Switzerland I found inspiration for this diffuser in the history of Swiss craftsmanship. It is here - in Switzerland - where the first music box was born. With this concept, I wanted to emphasize the fan - the heart of the diffuser and the most important element to circulate the fragrance in the air. Like a ballerina in a music box, the fan moves gracefully under the glass. To give significance to the chosen materials, I decided to use the stone to accentuate the weight of the base, in juxtaposition with the lightwave, subtle metal fan, visible thanks to the clean, transparent glass. Powered by USB cable. Photos: Ecal | Calypso Mahieu; Philipp Rupp

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    ECAL / University of Art and Design