Batch 1. Woven Label by Chris Delorenzo

  • Becky Okell
  • Huw Thomas

Each jacket we make is part of a limited edition batch. With each batch, we take an iconic style and re-make it using the right materials and makers to do the jacket justice. We're not a seasonal business, we'll never make whole collections or have much waste. The 'season' we're in is more about where the business is up to. And so we invite artists to take over our woven labels. With every batch, a different artist takes over the mini canvas inside our jacket, to tell the story of where we're at as a small jacket making company. Chris Delorenzo from Massachusetts is the man behind the illustrations on our woven labels, for Batch No.1. We asked Chris to illustrate how it feels when you're just starting out. With our first limited edition jacket, we wanted our label to represent pouring all your time and savings into a new project.