Paynter Jacket. Batch No.1

  • Becky Okell
  • Huw Thomas

Batch No.1 is our take on the iconic chore jacket. A slim fitting jacket made with an Italian reverse bull denim. Corozo nut buttons. A hidden, easy-to-access card pocket inside. Limited edition label by artist Chris Delorenzo. Only 300 will be made. Each one is hand-numbered. Batch No.1 went on sale in May 2019 and sold out in 14 minutes. Each jacket is made to order and is shipping from mid-July.

Limited Edition

Only 300 jackets are available in Batch No.1. Each batch comes with a limited edition label inside the jacket, illustrated by a new artist each time. The labels will capture where we are as a brand, and the story behind each batch. This label has been illustrated by Chris Delorenzo. The illustration shows how it feels to put everything you've got into one product.

An icon, refined.

The chore jacket. It gets its origins from the French workers who wore them in the early 1900’s. Made from stiff fabrics, with big pockets for their tools, it was perfect for working in. But these days you’re more likely to see a chore jacket worn by architects, artists, and designers. The style is an everyday staple for the creative class
Batch No.1 was made in four colours. Olive Green, Navy Blue, Black, and the iconic cobalt blue which we call Bill's Blue, in tribute to photographer Bill Cunningham, who never took off his blue jacket.

Hard as nails, soft AF.

The fabric for our jacket comes from Berto, a premium artisan mill based just outside of Venice, Italy. In the 1800's, they made tough sail fabrics for boats that harboured in Venice. Then they made hard wearing workwear fabrics in the mid 1900's. Today they have combined their workwear heritage and 130 years of constant innovation to produce premium fabrics that are long-lasting, but easy to wear. Perfect for our refined chore jacket.

The California of Europe

Our jackets are hand made in a factory nestled away on a mountain side in Guimarães , Portugal. Its a maker town. The factory is a small family run business that has been going for the last 30 years, specialising in jackets. They have a track record for supporting the underdogs. We’re proud to have our jackets made by them.

Vegetable Ivory

Button-making in the UK is a centuries-old craft and the reputation of its makers is widespread. Our buttons are not only British Made, but they are made from corozo nuts that are grown in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Corozo is good for the planet. Unlike plastic, our buttons are non-toxic.
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