Paynter Jacket Co: Batch No.2

  • Becky Okell
  • Huw Thomas

Batch No.2 by Paynter. French meets American Chore Jacket. Sold out in 3 minutes.

For Batch No.2 we brought together two icons. The French and American chore jacket.

The fabric and fit of one, the extra detailing of the other. Something we’d never seen before. The result is a slim fitting jacket with a beautiful French made moleskin fabric, brushed steel buttons, and a new chest flap pocket.

Only 300 will be made. Each one is hand-numbered. As the jacket is cut to order, we will take payment when ordered. Jackets are limited to one per person.
Hard as Nails, Posh AF.

It took us 9 months to find a French made moleskin fabric. We’d asked everyone, but apparently all the factories had moved abroad to save a few pennies. All bar one. In May we found the mill who still make it in France. And they have done so since the early 1800’s. They made the moleskin fabric for the original chore jackets that we know and love today. They mainly make for luxury brands now, but we worked our way in there. This fabric is the secret that will help this jacket last a century.
Brushed Steel buttons.
This button will hold it’s ground. It’s a proven classic. YKK. 150 years experience in keeping things closed. Brushed steel. Unbranded. A nod to the steel workers who originally wore the chore jacket.
Limited Edition.

Only 300 jackets are available in Batch No.2. Each batch comes with a limited edition label inside the jacket, illustrated by a new artist each time. The labels will capture where we are as a brand, and the story behind each batch. This label has been illustrated by Hiller Goodspeed.
The California of Europe.

Our jackets are hand made in a factory nestled away on a mountain side in Guimarães, Portugal. It’s a maker town. The factory is a small family run business that has been going for the last 30 years, specialising in jackets. They have a track record for supporting the underdogs. We’re proud to have our jackets made by them.

Made from a tough moleskin fabric. Relaxed unstructured collar with hidden stitching detailing. Easy to roll, single button cuffs. Brushed, flat head, steel YKK buttons. Left chest pocket. Right chest flap pocket. Two large hip pockets. Tapered sleeves.

Inside: Clean finish. Hand numbered. Limited edition Hiller Goodspeed illustrated label. Hidden go-to card holder pocket. Hang loop on collar.