BBC Two Ident

  • Conlan Normington
  • Will MacNeil
  • James Wood

Brief A very unexpected email arrived in the inbox earlier this year. BBC Creative and Superunion were working on a set of new idents to refresh the BBC Two channel’s identity for the first time in 20 years. Collaborating with some of the best studios and talented motion designers on the planet. Somehow, they wanted me to design and animate two of the idents. Solution The first ident needed to complement content that looks at familiar problems from a new viewpoint. Showing eye opening documentaries that challenge your opinions and force you to take another look. To translate this into the ident, we created an infinite shape that’s always evolving with infinite combinations of the 2 curve morphing, twisting and changing. Each time you see the shape, it appears differently, as your opinions and views change while watching the content.

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