Be Free (Remix) - Johny Dar

  • Mustafa Özkök
  • Jaclyn Winter
  • Kashi Money

With the appearance of Covid19, Dar was struck by the relevance of ‘Be Free’ in the current climate, and invited Tossio to remix the track. Teaming up with video artist Mustafa Özkök, the team were determined to overcome the limits of lockdown, and managed to co-produce the music video for the remix. Opening with some dramatic scenes of the global Corona story, the video goes on to tell an uplifting story of transformation from longing to liberation, as its heroine chooses to ‘Be Free’ and find unity through love and music, overcoming her feelings of isolation and despair. Music & Art Direction - Johny Dar Creative Direction - Johny Dar & Mindstronaut (M. Özkök) Music Video Artist - Mindstronaut (M. Özkök) Remix Production - Paolo Tossio Characterisation and Dance - Ami Stidolph Video Production - Art'nStudio