Beats: 'Compose Yourself'

  • Richie Babalola
  • Denny Kaulbach

Wrote the manifesto and the stories for the concept films, for the our 'Compose Yourself' campaign for Beats by Dre, one of the clients for AKQA. The challenge was how can we make beats as a brand and ten products they offer more of an attractive proposition for commuters. We had to flip the perception of the commute being a morbid, tiresome experience on its head and really see it as an opportunity that one could capitalise on with the the help of beats by Dre. People are able to use beats during the commute to get ready for the days challenges, to overcome the noise around them. To take back their choice of experience, to compose themselves. I really had to understand what people feel during and around the commute, to craft copy that would engage and relate to them as well as capturing the culture of beats to execute an accurate tone of voice.