Behind The Mask - Editorial Project

Editorial Project 2016: Anthology of Super Heroes
So why do we need super heroes? They fulfil the needs and desires that we could never 'act out' in the real world. Batman offers us a form of vengeance against an uncaring society. Superman rescues us from the dangers of the world, offering an almsot parental/ god like protection from our fears. The anti-hero allows us ot rebel against the constraints of modern life and act in amoral ways without consequence. Super heroes represents aspects of ourselves at our very best and our very worst. There is a reason why they have remained a major part of pop culture for over 70 years. They still serve the same purpose they did 70 years ago. We will never truly appreciate their role in society, these damaged characters go through hell to give us entertainment. The nature of being a real super hero is one we could never truly comprehend.

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