Bex Grant Music

  • Tianna Greham

A beautiful, free-spirited, feminine single cover, perfectly embodying the artist Bex Grant and her craft.

Singer & Songwriter Bex Grant had recently completed her album and was ready to share her Gospel Reggae sound with the world. After years of hard graft, growth and fine-tuning, Bex entrusted me with her 'baby' to create the perfect visuals for her debut release which uniquely represented both her and her sound.
In good hands, I wanted to create a piece of artwork for the single cover 'MORE' that perfectly captures Bex's enlightening, free-spirited, feminine nature. 

True to her style and genre, the cover designed started from a single photograph which undertook a complete transformation: touching up the portrait, replacing the background and crafting a beautiful scene using a collage of illustrated florals and  lighting.

Literally beaming with light, the artwork is a powerful composition and representation of Bex's journey and the effect she intends her words to have on others.
Following the single release of 'More' last month, singer songwriter Bex Grant released her Album 'Eyes On The King' and hand selected me to art direct and design a cover even more visually impactful than the last.
Combining Bex’s Caribbean heritage and commitment to God, the album is a reggae gospel blend created with the intention to bring healing and deliverance to people physically, spiritually and mentally. Surrounded by nature and illuminated with beaming light and wandering florals, this mixed media piece radiates divinity and fortitude with grace.

Each artwork has served well in amplifying press coverage and media exposure across the board which presented plentiful opportunities. Alongside, Bex's mission to provide a gateway to healing, hope and happiness through music and art form which ultimately represents her spiritual growth.
ROLE: Art Direction & Illustration, Photo Retouching & Editing

PROJECT: Freelance

FOR: Bex Grant Music, 2020

LISTEN: Eyes On The King - Bex Grant