'Beyond the Frame' :

  • Sid White-Jones
  • Georgia Staples
  • Aston Reid Taylor Howe

Last year Norwich University of the Arts hosted their annual degree shows from the 25th June - 3rd July. I exhibited alongside the BA (Hons) Photography course in the exhibition 'Beyond the Frame', presenting my series ‘Conjunction’ (2018). My work consisted of six flush-mounted photographic prints and a thirty-four page photobook. The piece flowed from left to right with six flush mounted prints following the curve of the gallery wall met by an acrylic-topped plinth displaying a final photobook also from the project ‘Conjunction’ (2018). A exhibition catalogue was also designed to promote the show. This catalogue contained the work of each artist who was exhibiting. My page within this publication featured two images from the same project as well as a text which reads: ‘Space. Room, Building, City, Country, Planet, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe. Conjunction presents the subtle similarities between learning spaces and science-fiction archetypes. Juxtaposing photographs of the solar system beside industrial frameworks the structure of this work allows for a diverse collection of technological and universal elements to be collated as one. Whilst one acknowledges the far-reaching expanses of space, it is not something any of us can truly apprehend. A structure that is near impossible to grasp.’