Big Travel

  • Julien Grimond-Szantaruk

Nick starts an enigmatic (existential) conversation with Steph, a young woman who has just missed her bus. Stuck on his bench, he confides to her his big dream : travel. Steph realises its a utopian wish... _____________________ - Written and Directed by - Yann C. Selakovitch Julien G.Szantaruk Thomas Pantalacci - Starring - Stephanie Wickmere Nicholas Pople - Produced by - Woolly Dream Productions - Camera - Thomas Pantalacci - Sound - Julien G. Szantaruk Yann C.Selakovitch - Runner - Jacob MacMorrow - Catering - Melanie Pezous - Editing & Color Grading - The Three Guys - Visual Effects - Julien G. Szantaruk Thomas Pantalacci Vincent Baudry - Sound Mixing - The Three Guys - Music - Adrien Sabathier (Cinematic Records) Lucas Safaru (Cinematic Records)


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    Woolly Dream Productions