Bloom and Bee

  • Josie Hales

Bloom and Bee is a brand built and owned by Hayfield Homes, a high-end residential property developer. Hayfield Homes largely build in rural locations, where planning regulations around retaining the natural environment, conserving native wildlife and protecting vulnerable species of animals are very strict. Bloom and Bee aims to provide new buyers with the information and resources they might need to create a wildlife friendly environment that will attract and conserve the UK’s natural bee population. In addition, through this scheme, buyers are provided with the opportunity to access one of Bloom and Bees standard garden designs as well as taking advantage of the many resources, described below, provided when they exchange contracts on a Hayfield Homes new property.

The Build Up Campaign

Bloom and Bee is first introduced as a social media campaign. This includes an Instagram profile and an animation which appears as a YouTube advert. These ads promote the Bloom and Bee concept and guide viewers to looking at Hayfield Homes website, in particular the Bloom and Bee website page. This website explains what the campaign offers and describes its mission to protect bees by creating suitable environments for them to thrive while providing education and resources to develop understanding of why bees are such important aspect of our ecosystem. The website also points any interested buyers towards an on-line appointment request form so they can view the developments and learn more about the benefits of buying a property in a Bloom and Bee area.

In additional to the on-line campaign, when potential buyers visit a Hayfield Homes development, they will see a stunning and interactive billboard campaign poster which reinforces the campaign concept and the fact that Hayfield Homes is a positive company looking to give back to the environment with each development.
Finally, as part of the build-up, new homeowners who have agreed to buying from Hayfield Homes will be given the opportunity to choose from one of the template ‘bee friendly’ garden designs. This will be optional but will give users the opportunity to have their garden landscaped prior to their move date.
Instagram Profile
Billboard Campaign
Catalogue of Garden Designs
Welcome Pack

The welcome pack will be placed in the new build home when the new owners exchange and are given the keys. It will be placed in the kitchen, and the new homeowners will receive it as they first enter the property, alongside a welcome pack from Hayfield Homes. The Bloom and Bee welcome pack includes things needed for the garden, as well as home accessories that offer advice and tips for managing their garden. This pack will help the new homeowners be inspired to help protect bees and the environment that sustains them, explaining why this is important and how they can help. The pack also includes thyme and rosemary, two herbs that are loved by bees. These plants are very aromatic, so when the owners enter their new house, it will be full of garden scents and these smells will create lasting memories for the new home buyers.
See lifestyle photographs of the welcome pack and individual mock-ups of items from the welcome pack below.
Seed Packaging
Welcome Leaflet
Bloom and Bee Candle
Calendar Cards
Childrens Activity Pack