Body: Simple techniques and strategies to heal, reset and restore

  • Kieron Lewis

I was approached by HQ Stories to design James Davies’ first-ever publication titled 'Body: Simple Techniques and Strategies to Heal, Reset and Restore’. James Davies is an internationally renowned osteopath, performance coach and recovery specialist. He has worked with numerous professional athletes such as David Beckham OBE, Hugo Lloris, Eamonn Holmes OBE and Sir Lenny Henry CBE. This publication focuses on James’ mission of helping everyone to learn about how their body works, understand why they are in pain, and how to reach full health through using his proven strategies.

I was the sole designer of the cover. However, for the interior design, I created numerous design templates, including diagrams and graphs for each chapter within the publication, so that the in-house design team at HQ Stories could move forward and use it as guidance to populate the entire publication.
For the cover, I was keen that the content would be the focal point, rather than the imagery of the body. My rationale was that this publication is targeted at anyone keen to have a better understanding of their body, regardless of their shape or background. A dominant factor throughout the design is the typography introduced across the cover and spreads. From the concepts shown above and even the final cover, you’ll see that typography is usually interlocked with each other. The word ‘Body’ can symbolize many different things, however, I associate this word with movement and togetherness. Everything is connected and flows in unity, which is the essence behind my design for the title. For the interior, everything was designed in black and white for a minimalist feel, which allows the content to thrive and be clouded by colourful dominant imagery. As a result of the black and white interior, I was keen for the cover on the opposite scale of the colour spectrum. Thus, I chose an engaging and bright colour which would entice those passing by to pick and open. You can purchase a copy of the publication at most leading book stores including, Waterstones, WHSmith and

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