'Bottled' The Memory Project

  • Jonathan Armstrong

An exploration into memory, the senses and the human condition.

The Memory Project was inspired after helping my daughter with her final year assignment at school; on the theme of smell and how it triggers memories. A topic that resonated with me, having experienced it first hand when my mother was diagnosed with Dementia; loosing her memory and cognitive functions.
This series of work explores the symbolism of ‘bottles’. As a receptacle they embody the principles of containment, like a womb. They can be seen to symbolise salvation because of their functional analogy with the ark and the boat. A broken bottle can represent rage as well as pending punishment. As a container the bottle can be said to represent the human spirit, like a chalice or apothecary, a repository for the soul.
Using different print, casting and photographic techniques I've tried to give the subject matter a new permanence, imbued with memory and meaning.