Box Talks

  • JD Donovan
  • osrane said
  • Paddy O'Hara
  • Jed Welland

I launched Box Talks in partnership with my role at LCCM as Creative Industries Liaison. Held at LCCM’s state-of-the-art Music Box campus on Union Street in London’s Southbank, Box Talks are a series of masterclasses led by industry leaders aimed at supporting and guiding today’s aspiring talent. 2019’s sold-out events focused on breaking down barriers and creating an ‘open playing field’ based on knowledge and transparency. These included an A&R playback session with legendary executive Nick Halkes, a Production Masterclass with DJ duo ‘One Bit’ and Sentric Music presenting their ‘WTF is Music Publishing’ seminar. The first Box Talk of 2020 was an insightful Q&A with Ann Harrison, Author of ‘Music: The Business’ on Thursday 23 January. I commissioned Paddy O'Hara to develop the exceptional design and motion graphics brand elements, and Jed Welland to film and generate highlights of each talk.