Bring Light to Language

  • Christy Wong

D/deaf Awareness Campaign - 'Bring Light to Language' When we talk about language, we usually think of spoken and written languages like English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian, etc. Little do we realise the existence of sign language. It is a powerful language we usually neglect. ‘Bring Light to Language’ means bringing people attention to sign language, helping this language shine and appreciating the beauty of sign language. Besides, sign language is a way to communicate with D/deaf community so it also conveys the meaning ‘bring light to the D/deaf community’. They are unique and a proud community and we should not avoid communicating with them. I captured the movement of sign language using finger lights.​​​​​​​ The reason I use daily greetings and basic phrases for the campaign is that they are easy to learn and can be used in everyday life. Making good use of these phrases can create a respectful atmosphere and it is a first step to spread kindness.