Cardboard City, 2017

  • Polly Lindsay
A collaboration between Acrylicize and paper-cutting artist, Polly Lindsay. Cardboard City is a physical expression of the aspiration, struggle and resolution of the young and homeless. Created for Landaid as their stage installaton at the Guildhall charitable event, this piece documents 4 elements in a young homeless person’s journey; homelessness, community, education and aspiration. Each tier of the piece, details these elements with individual stories taken from real life accounts. The backdrop has taken architectural cues specifically associated with social housing from around the country, to create a city that aims to represents all locations and all people. The use of cardboard, a material synonymous with the homeless, allows us to link aspects of the city to the core or the subject matter.
The first tier of ‘Cardboard City’ explores the reality of homelessness, addressing the struggles and dangers associated. Education is our second tier, the gateway to a better life. The third talks of community, the coming together of support networks and friendships born out of the journey. The last symbolises aspiration, taking eminent monuments, buildings and individual stories to signify that anything is possible. Backing the cityscape is an interactive silhouette of messages taken from the audience's own words of hope.
Acrylicize has worked closely with artist Polly Lindsay, a paper artist with a passion for turning a flat sheet of paper into a tangible thing of beauty, as well as artist Ben Fowler, known for his remarkable cardboard creations, to create the stage piece.