Contours, 2017

  • Amber Bednall
Contours is a site-specific art installation for Tableau Northedge, Seattle. which explores a overriding theme of discovery. The contours themselves are a nod to an iconic data visualization, while the flowing forms look to create a calm energy that responds directly to the space.
At its centre we can identity the summit of Mt Rainier, a celebrated landmark and a natural representation for a world of discovery. The contours evolve into a flowing gesture that engages with the atrium; it is as though the summit was picked up and pored out, slowly filling the space. Considered positioning frames the spectacular views, whilst allowing the piece to connect with a wide range of viewing angles and approaches with varying results. An example of this is upward from Level Two, exhibiting a contrasting white light map against the raw concrete. The overall result is a subtle drama providing both a sense of stillness and fluid movement, guiding people through the space.