Casting Disabled Talent Zoom Session

  • Zoe Proctor
  • Laura Winson

Hosted by Zebedee, leading specialist talent agency representing disabled and visibly different talent worldwide. A session for industry people who are involved in casting. Click here to book onto our free discussion and Q&A Wednesday 10th June 1pm Do you want to learn more about the ethical, creative and economic case for diverse casting? Do you want your brand or project to be more inclusive? Do you worry about casting processes or language when working with disabled talent? Zebedee's mission is to see people with disabilities and visible differences being fairly represented in fashion, advertising, TV and film. Join us for an informal, non judgemental chat about how to be more inclusive in castings and campaigns and learn how a few simple changes can open up so many amazing possibilities. We have a 'no silly questions' policy so ask us whatever you like whether it be about toilets, terminology or timings- we are here to help you get it right. We encourage all brands, organisations and creatives to include disability when considering diversity. It is estimated that there are 14 million disabled people, around 20%, in the UK, making them the largest minority group, yet they continue to face significant discrimination in the industry and wider society, only being present in 0.06% of advertising. Furthermore, for those with alternative appearances such as birthmarks, scarring and vitiligo, they are also excluded from the diversity debate, despite continuing to face abuse and discrimination. The economic case for including disabled people in fashion and media is huge: the spending power of disabled people is thought to be $1.2 trillion per year. So, as well as true inclusion making good business sense, with it comes understanding and acceptance in the wider society, which can only make the world a nicer place to live. So join us to see what YOU can do.

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