CC. Clash - Creatives vs. Clients

  • Anca Stirbacu
  • Merce Segu

CC Clash started when we had to come up with an idea to fund our trip to Barcelona for the ADC*E Awards. We really wanted to get work done and find the winning idea, so instead of dealing with it we just took a break and started whining about feedback and deadlines. Then it hit us. There’s no creative department that doesn’t vent about clients during breaks. Painfully rolled eyes. Hysterical giggles. Why not get together to enjoy more of this, without the stress of work? Thus, our idea was born. One of the most millennial items out there. A print & play board game about agency life. Which is actually just a card game, but we wanted to include a KV as well. Super easy, super fun, anyone can play it. A game about hilariously relatable daily creatives-client braw​​​​​​​

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