Census 2021 image library

Three weeks on the road, over 1500 miles driven, creating more than 100 portraits. The aim – capturing the huge diversity of England and Wales for the 2021 Census campaign.

It was a true honour creating an image library for the Census 2021 campaign. A chance to meet, hear and capture people’s stories across England and Wales, to document the wonderful diversity of our nations. The challenge of casting such a varied group of people was pretty epic. Thankfully I had the super skilled team at Germaine Walker on my side. They lit up their network of contacts all over the country, from Penzance to Penarth, and Essex to Exmoor. Soon many wonderful people were eager to take part: farmers, shop owners, teachers, students, fans, activists, community leaders, and more. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ I love the resulting image library, I like to think of it as an archive of the nation, a snap shot of Britain in the strangest of years. See it here: https://www.charlieclift.com/work/census/ ⁠⁠ Huge thanks to all the people who let us photograph them, it was a total pleasure meeting you all. Massive thanks also to the team⁠⁠ at M&C Saatchi who trusted me with this project, Megan Fowler, Kelly Sands, Rosy Nolan. And of course, endless thanks to the small but incredible shoot team: Morgan Evans, Philip Hardman and Lou Dedieu - I couldn’t have done it without you guys.⁠⁠
See the full set: https://www.charlieclift.com/work/census/

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