• Holly Small

This 58 second, educational stop motion film is about chalk and how this tool was used to not only educate in schools, but was the tool that lead to important and revolutionary inventions. For this project we were given a single object and had to visually display an interesting fact about our given object in a short film. Working with designers Hannah Brady, Joe Moreno and illustrator Saffron Ardern Sodje we conceived a concept based on the fact that chalk was a tool used in schools to display information in order to educate. However, we wanted to have more to display then that, so we considered how chalk was potentially used to sketch plans or diagrams of important inventions. The use of a black board and chalk was the link to education, but the images that appear reflect the type of inventions that were created during the years that appear on the bottom left of the screen. As the years go on and the amount of inventions grows the less there is of the blackboard and as the sound of chalk increases with the amount of inventions. The anticipation that something is coming is confirmed through the final scene, where the fading to white represents the invention of the whiteboard and therefore the end of the need for chalk, which nowadays is seen as a primitive way to display information and illustrate.