Dissertation publication

  • Holly Small

This publication was designed to match the theme of my dissertation, this explored the effects the internet has had on society and culture online and offline, and how both forms of existence have blurred the line between real and unreal, more specifically on how we view beauty and what makes someone beautiful. This dissertation also questioned how we can base said beauty on unattainable standards that have been brought about with filters and other special effects that disguises a person’s appearance. With the themes of glitches, distortion and computers I designed a publication that reflected the content. To do this I used colour, placement of text, a glitch filter on my typography and the typefaces to get across the theme. From the outside the paper stock and running quotes create a ‘glitch’ effect which compliments the filter placed upon my type and paragraphs that distorts them. The final section of this publication is an expansion on the dissertation, this was my self initiated project that took the themes of my dissertation to create an outcome relevant to my written work. For this, designer David Easton and I coded a photo-booth that allowed the user to distort their portrait through two camera views and colour to merge the real them to create a digital distorted version. These test selfies were placed in the back of my publication with information on my self initiated project and how the glitch photo-booth works. However since the completion of my publication both David and I re-visited the coding and improved it, but this information was correct at the time of creating my publication.