Christian Aid Collective: Racial and Climate Justice

  • Trini-Maria Katakwe (TMK)
  • Christian Aid

I was commissioned by Christian Aid Collective powered by Christian Aid to create illustrations based on Racial and Climate justice issues. The illustrations were used for awareness promotion on their Instagram page. ‘No Justice No Peace’ focuses on the act of protesting to help spread awareness about the injustice within race. Racism shouldn’t be normalised. The impact of working together in the masses and vocalising injustice issues results in a greater impact of effective change. God made us in his image so it is important to create a world that celebrates His creation rather than promoting division. Where there is no justice there is no peace. ‘Heal our World’ focuses on showing the world being stripped away from it’s resources to highlight the pain the world is going through. God commanded us to be stewards of His world, let us protect His creation. Protecting our environment now means you will be saving our planet for future generations. The impact starts with us working together and being sustainable in our choices to help heal this world.