CLiKD hired a Dating Intern?!

  • Michael Blakeley
  • Angela Ogunfojuri
The world is full of amazing jobs... ones you yearn over as you sit at your desk in your 9-5 job scrolling through email after email and sipping on your 7th cup of cold tea. One of those jobs has without a doubt got to include the internship created by the team at CLiKD in July 2017.
The aim? Test out the new creative dating app.
How? Easy: hire an intern to go on dates.

That's right! The lucky individual was paid to date.
Freelance photographer and filmworker Daria Lazo was the successful candidate. Taking on an unusual, fun and extremely interesting job; she dated guys through matching with them on the CLiKD app using the personality-based questions. The plan was to clock at least 10 dates during her 10-week internship last summer.
So what happened I hear you ask?
Spoiler alert! Daria ended up meeting her current boyfriend through CLiKD - success all round! But of course, not without a slight hiccup or two first. From techno nights to nightmare dates, this intern went on one heck of a journey. But, it gets better....CLiKD promised at the start of the internship that if the intern found someone special, then they would send them both off to a festival together to provide a soundtrack whilst their love blossomed!
Daria wrote a journal of weekly posts to share her dating experience which you can check out here.


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