Closing the gender gap in Engineering and Technology

  • Lucy Everett
  • Andrew Brukman
  • Matthew Markham
  • Ryan Murphy

Shell's corporate change campaign

Shell, a big corporate company wanted to be seen as being part of the solution in making the future gender balanced.
Research showed that female engineers have a strong online presence on forums such as Reddit. It's here they feel comfortable sharing their stories and experiences. 
Using this insight, it was important for us to convey their real life experiences and show that Shell cares. 
For this first phase of the campaign we tapped into popular MEME culture to convey their experiences.  Shell wanted to acknowledge these micro-aggressions that are happening across the industry and show they want to change it. 
For the second phase we found that extensive research led us to people with amazing stories of how they're closing the gender gap. We created one main video with snippets of 6 individual's efforts in a bid to inspire others to share their stories too. 
​We also captured full length TED Talk style videos of the individuals and other content such as animated stories.