CogX Platfrom concept branding

  • Aizhan Abdrakhmanova

After The CogX 2020 Festival, CognitionX company has decided to build a platform to host their community virtually. The main goal of the platfrom is to connect right people around certain topics. They have created a suggestions AI that connects people based on their skills and interests. The concepts were put on hold, as the company pivoted into a new direction in the light of the current events.

We have held a series of workshops to understand the company better and to align on the vision. The main challenge was to go through the process of product discovery and to embrace the changes, that company would have to go through, in order to become a digital product.

The main aim of the new brand strategy was to get away from the outbound style event descriptions and announcements and move towards a storytelling and a inbound content-based style of communication. The idea was to make the members of their community a central focus of the brand communication.

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