COLLABORATION with @Gail Burstyn Life In Splatters ~ Fantastical Creatures & Diptychs

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Few weeks ago I spoke with @Gail Burstyn Life In Splatters and ask her, if she wants to do a collaboration with me and she agreed. I want to try one of "her" techniques and she will do one of "mine". I started with a plan to do a Great big shmear, but I ended up with Fantastical creature.

- Boesner black
- Atist's loft metallic cobalt blue
- Amsterdam blue turquoise
- Cadence Dora metallic menthol
- Pebeo iridescent precious gold
- Cadence Dora metallic white gold
- Cadence metallic antique bronze

All my paints are mixed with Boesner Guardi acrylic binder and acrylic emulsion.
Please understand that I am in no way responsible for the way you use your paint and mediums. Follow all safety instructions of the manufacturers, I can not be held liable.
Be careful and use the proper materials for your safety.

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