• Malina D. Virciu

***DISCLAIMER: I do not own the IP (LOGO, Slogan, Brand Name). This project has NOT been completed in collaboration with NIKE. I am using this solely for portfolio developmental purposes and to show what I can do in terms of CAD Solidworks Modelling and Product presentation*** This conceptual rowing machine project was a part of my university CAD module at De Montfort University. For this project I was tasked with parametrically modelling the body and components of a conceptual rowing machine while showing external branding and modelling abilities through a chosen brand. My chosen aesthetic for this project is sleek, modern and lightweight as it is heavily influenced by NIKE. The product is well-thought-out from internal components and assembly to aesthetic. This project is completely conceptual, however, many functional factors were analysed (such as usability). The material choice and combination were also considered and analysed through FEA (Static Load Analysis) and LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) processes in order to define which material is best suited for the load and desired life duration of this product. This was one of my favourite projects as I received creative freedom and was able to develop my skills, being the first lengthy CAD project which I have completed independently.