CONCERN WORLDWIDE // "Nothing Kills Like Hunger"

  • Henry Dean
  • Leah Burton
  • Daniela Rotaru

An intensely personal charity film for the Ireland-based international organisation Concern Worldwide, highlighting the need for ongoing support in war-torn regions to prevent young people succumbing to hunger. More children die of hunger and related diseases than conflict. This film tells the story of Walid, a young refugee who despite overcoming a life full of disaster and pain, has his fate cut short by this invisible killer. It is brought to life through a hybrid blend of narrative scenes and archival footage, making this individual story instantly reflect the lives of thousands. Concern is Ireland’s largest aid and humanitarian agency. Nothing Kills Like Hunger urges the public to donate, in order to provide continued support in conflict regions, preventing unnecessarily hunger deaths and saving the lives of countless children. Directed by Henry Dean Production Company: FAMILIA Agency: Don’t Panic DoP: Thomas Revington Art Director: Ahmet Buyukcinar Editor: Leah Burton @ Final Cut Colourist: Daniela Rotaru @ Glassworks Sound Designer: Ambit Sound Produced by Ayo Davis Executive Produced by James Fuller & Toby Walsham