Branding, Art Direction, UX, UI, Web

Corsys (Core Systems) is a secure, cloud-based, digital ecosystem that integrates data from a vast array of devices and processes, to support ports and borders security. It gives security staff a centralised, real-time view of their security operation in one integrated platform/window.

We created the visual identity, application design, website and product launch experiential. I conceptualised animations to explain the complex software workflow and designed iconography. Wanting to differentiate the brand from competitiors we crafted a modern, warm and human centered look and feel. This was important to us as it ensured potential investors and users understood the tech-heavy aspects of Corsys (Blockchain, Open source, IoT, AI, Machine Learning etc) and how it revolutionises border security.

Please check this press release for more info.
Design Lead — George McClure
Animators — Patswerk