CraftHaven Brews is an innovative and authentic brewery located in the vibrant heart of Asheville, North Carolina, USA. They are committed to crafting exceptional beers that bring joy and laughter to their customers. CraftHaven Brews offers a diverse lineup of beers, ranging from the crisp and refreshing Wheat Harmony to the rich and indulgent Roastmaster Stout and the exclusive Barrel Aged Euphoria. The project aims to create a dynamic and cohesive brand identity that reflects the brewery's values and diverse beer offerings. The focus is on conveying innovation, authenticity, and the joy of craft beer. The visual elements should embody the brand values and target the right audience: craft beer enthusiasts who value authenticity, quality ingredients, and a sense of community. The brand identity includes logos, color palettes, fonts, symbols, labels, merchandise, and social media posts.

Logo: the objective was to design a logo that could represent a haven for beer enthusiasts and, at the same time, capture the essence of the North Carolina mountains. The font was selected for its modern and high-quality appearance, which adds a premium feel to the alcohol brand. The font was slightly modified to enhance its legibility.