Creating an exciting Winter Trail leaflet that transforms into a fun game

  • Suzanne Murphy-Devenny

Manchester Museum is home to an array of treasures from the natural world and the many cultures it is home to. Highlights include a T.rex and fossils of other pre-historic creatures, ancient Egyptian artefacts and live amphibians and reptiles. You can handle objects from the collection, take part in hands-on activities or enjoy a glass of wine of cup of coffee whilst exploring the latest ideas in science, culture and the arts. In an age of shortened attention spans, Manchester museum needs to actively engage and educate those who walk through their doors. Manchester Museum understands that games are great tools for learning. Beyond just a learning perspective, games also foster a wonderful sense of connection. It was up to me as a designer to work together with our Arts and Culture team at Epigram Communications to come up with a new game idea for their 'Winter Nature Trail'.

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