Design Sprint Track

  • Ben Crisp

DK&A’s Sprint Track is our tried and tested programme for bringing new products and services to market quickly – using the combined power of your in-house resource and our expert team. Watch our new animation to learn all about the sprint.

Why follow the Sprint Track?

The Sprint Track suits organisations who want to:

Act fast: we’ll develop numerous, practical products, services or solutions in a tight timeframe
Engage end-users: insights from customers will drive innovation
Design collaboratively: new solutions will be illuminated by the expertise of multiple disciplines from your company
Build new capabilities: you’ll nurture innovation skills within the business so that the approach is sustainable and ownable
Create momentum: you’ll generate optimism and align teams around fresh ideas
Deploy new technologies: well-designed solutions will serve the business and your customers
Validate new business cases: each solution will be tested and supported with evidence