• Lewis Webster

Inspired by 90's Hardcore band, Earth Crisis and their album 'Destroy the machines', the project is based on a fictional direct action protest movement centred around Earth and animal liberation, known as DESTROY THE MACHINES.

Vinyl Sleeve Design -

Linking Hardcore / DIY culture and militant direct action, an interactive element on the sleeve allows the viewer to destroy the 'machines' which are destroying our planet and those that inhabit it. It serves as a purpose for the viewer to get involved and take action against those who are decimating the planet. Pulling out the vinyl also includes the risograph poster design which accompanies the project, which is used as part of the protest element of the project.
Risograph Poster Design -

The poster is used as a protest tool for the audience to use to amplify the movements message. 3 different Risographed printed colours ways feature the lyrics from Earth Crisis’ album ‘Destroy the Machines’ with the same name, with the lyrics supporting the message and attitude of our movement. Risograph printing was used as it’s cheap to create, links to the roots in Hardcore culture and is less harmful to the environment to produce.

Digital Element -

Scanning the QR code, it will take the viewer to our website with the aim to attract new members to become apart of the cause. The website features information on the movement, the option to be able to download the featured poster and to use it however they choose to represent DTM, along with ways to help such as helping the environment, etc. and to allow anyone to sign up to spread our movements message and ideology.
DTM Zine** -

In tandem with the vinyl, the zine features the direct action protest destructive element. The reader must physically destroy the ‘machines’ which are destroying the world, carrying on our act of protest in another form.

When applying more destruction to the zine, the contents of the zine underneath starts to become more disrupted, hinting toward the current climate crisis we are facing, a period of no return if we do not intervene. By the end, the zine will be tattered and torn, linking to the devastation that machines are causing to our home planet.

** Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, I did not have access to professional photography equipment to take photos upon completion.
Manifesto Video